Bling Pacifiers: Keeping Up With Fashion for Baby

Fashion is not only for adults. It is also for kids and babies. A parent's sense of fashion is extended not only in clothing or in the home but also in their children. We see kids wearing stylish clothing as early as one month old. This sense of style and fashion is also shown in baby accessories like pacifiers. They are appropriately called bling pacifiers.


These bling pacifiers add more royalty to the little princes or princesses that are your babies. The designs are wide-ranging and capture kids' all-time favorite characters that include Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Superman, Batman and other famous and timeless characters. Some makers offer customization to those who want to add a personal touch to their pacifiers. There is no limit to the imagination of parents in the designs. The colors give a lot of choices, too - from blue and other darker-colored studs for baby boys to pink, yellow and lighter-colored studs for baby girls. To add a high-end touch of fashion, bling pacifiers offer signature brands as designs.

These pacifiers are carefully and safely made by hand. Attention to detail is what the makers provide to these pacifiers to ensure that parents and babies keep up with style and at the same time free from harm that these accessories could cause. Non-toxic glue is used to keep the sparkling studs in place. The place where they are made is kept sterile to maintain good quality pacifiers.

Bling also makes a series of pacifier clips are not only fashion accessories. They serve a very important purpose of keeping our babies calm with its soothing and quieting effect. No more crying babies at night or when Mom is busy doing household chores. No more overfeeding babies from using feeding bottles in place of pacifiers. Pacifiers keep our babies busy leaving no gap for any dull moment which would spell crying fits. It is also important to note what studies conducted have concluded; babies as early as one-month old who use pacifiers while sleeping have reduced risks to Sudden Death Infant Syndrome (SDIS).

Some pacifiers offer package items that include matching pacifier clips to complete the look. These pacifier clips are attached to the baby's clothing to make sure that pacifiers do not fall on the ground, the crib, the floor or car seats.

All that glitter is not gold. They are sometimes bling pacifiers. Nothing is as priceless for parents as seeing a sparkle not only in their baby's pacifiers but also on their baby's eyes.

Post time: Aug-29-2020
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