Choice of pacifier materia

There are generally two types of nipple materials, latex and silicone. Latex has a rubber odor, yellowish color (it is reminiscent of dirty, but it is very clean), and it is not easy to disinfect. Its sales lag behind silicone nipple.

1. Latex nipple (also called rubber nipple)

Advantages: ①Natural environmental protection, latex nipple is made of natural rubber, a good choice for environmentalists.

②The baby sucks easily, and the rubber texture is soft, which is closer to the mother’s nipple than the silicone nipple.

③It is not easy to bite and easy to reshape.

Disadvantages: ①The appearance is not as good as the silicone nipple. The color of the latex nipple is usually yellowish.

② There is a smell of rubber, which the baby may not like.

③It is easy to age, and the maintenance of latex nipple should be paid more attention to. Do not expose to direct sunlight or get oily. Latex nipple cannot be cleaned and disinfected in boiling water.


2. Silicone nipple

Advantages: ①The appearance is beautiful, and the silicone nipple is colorless and transparent.

②No peculiar smell.

③Not easy to age. Silicone nipple can be cleaned and disinfected in boiling water for a short time.

Post time: Aug-19-2020
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