The choice of baby bottle

Pay attention to the following points when choosing a baby  bottle for your baby:
1. Choose the material.
The characteristics of various materials are different, and parents can choose safe materials according to their own needs.
2. Choose a bottle with high acceptance.
Not every baby can accept all bottles. Choosing a bottle with high baby acceptance is extremely important.
3. Select the function.
When the baby is born, because the digestive system is not fully developed, it is prone to flatulence and vomiting up. It is very important to choose a baby bottle with anti-colic function. It can help the baby to reduce the flatulence and vomiting of milk caused by too much air swallowed by drinking milk.
4. Choose a bottle that is easy to clean and disinfect.
The cleaning and disinfection of baby bottles is extremely important. Choosing a bottle that is easy to clean and disinfect can relieve parents a lot of stress. Try to choose a bottle that can be thoroughly cleaned and has no dead ends and no special accessories. In case of small parts such as straws, ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection and stable installation.


Post time: Nov-18-2020
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