“Bottle baby” wants to return to breastfeeding. What should We do?

At present, the exclusive breastfeeding rate of infants under the age of six months in China is still lower than the 50% target set by the government. The fierce marketing offensive of breast milk substitutes, the weak operability of information related to the improvement of breast feeding and the lack of high-quality infant feeding consulting services still exist, all of which have hindered the development of breast feeding among Chinese women.
“Children who are used to their mother’s nipples do not use the bottle, and children who are used to bottle feeding refuse their mother’s nipple feeding. This is the so-called ‘nipple confusion’. The reasons for the confusion are mostly caused by many different feelings such as the length, softness, feeling, milk output, strength and milk flow rate of the bottle and nipple in the baby’s mouth. This is also the biggest problem many mothers encounter when they want to return to breast milk. ” Hu Yujuan said that when babies who are used to feeding bottles are fed by their mothers, many babies resist strongly, suck two mouthfuls and cry without patience, and some babies even start crying when they hold them on their mothers. This is not a trouble or mistake. Children also need a transformation process and time. When children resist, they should have enough patience.

To solve the problem of baby’s return to pro feeding, we should start from the following aspects:
1. Skin contact: it is not skin contact between clothes and bags. Let the baby be familiar with the mother’s taste and feeling. It looks simple and difficult to do. It takes time and practice. Quantitative change can produce qualitative change. In a failure, but also the pressure of people around, mother is easy to give up. Mother can start from daily interaction, chat and talk with her baby, touch and take a bath, and transition to skin sticking together.
2. Try to sit up and feed: usually, when the baby is fed by bottle, the baby is almost lying down, and the bottle is vertical. Due to pressure, the flow rate will be very fast, and the child will keep swallowing and soon eat up. This causes the mother to wonder if she has eaten too long and is not satisfied when she is feeding. At this time, hold the baby vertically and give sufficient support to the back. The bottle should be basically parallel to the ground. The baby should also suck in order to eat milk. It needs some strength. At the same time, during bottle feeding, pause between sucking and swallowing, let the baby rest, and slowly tell the baby that this is the state of normal feeding.

Post time: Aug-12-2021
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