Four things, do you know, about bottle feeding?

Milk powder feeding needs milk bottles, mixed feeding needs milk bottles, breastfeeding mother is not at home. As a necessary auxiliary for mother, it is really important! Although sometimes bottles can indeed make the mother’s time more free, but bottle feeding is not a simple thing, too many points to pay attention to.
First thing: Pick out the right bottle
Bottle as the baby’s “intimate” object, it is very important to choose a suitable for the baby, under normal circumstances, choose a suitable bottle, the need to understand the capacity of a bottle, material, pacifier and other aspects.
Common bottles on the market are glass, plastic, silicone, stainless steel, ceramics and so on. Each type of bottle material has its own advantages and disadvantages, mom and parents can choose according to the needs.
Second thing: Feeding matters
Bottle feeding is not a simple thing, a careless is easy to cause the baby to vomit milk, choking milk. Under normal circumstances, when parents and dad need to feed the baby, pay attention to the temperature of the milk, the outflow rate of the milk and the feeding posture.
Third thing: timely cleaning
As the saying goes: “disease from the mouth”, the bottle is direct contact with the baby and its food objects, maintain hygiene is the primary principle, and the milk itself is rich in nutrition, if the baby drink milk did not clean the bottle in time, is extremely easy to breed bacteria, therefore, give the baby to drink milk after cleaning, disinfection in time. In general, it is divided into preparation stage, cleaning stage and disinfection stage.
Fourth thing: Reasonable preservation
When the bottle is cleaned and disinfected, storage is also very important. If it is not stored properly, there is no disinfection and can not be used again immediately. The sterilized bottle should be placed in a clean environment on a clean towel naturally dry, and then can be sealed with plastic wrap, finally put in the ventilated and dry place, or can also be put into the bottle in a sealed plastic box, to ensure the cleanliness of the bottle.

Post time: Jul-09-2021
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