• by admin on 08-12-2021

    At present, the exclusive breastfeeding rate of infants under the age of six months in China is still lower than the 50% target set by the government. The fierce marketing offensive of breast milk substitutes, the weak operability of information related to the improvement of breast feeding and th... Read more »

  • by admin on 07-09-2021

    Milk powder feeding needs milk bottles, mixed feeding needs milk bottles, breastfeeding mother is not at home. As a necessary auxiliary for mother, it is really important! Although sometimes bottles can indeed make the mother’s time more free, but bottle feeding is not a simple thing, too m... Read more »

  • by admin on 06-01-2021

    Pune, India, May 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The North American baby bottle market is expected to reach US$356.7 million by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.6% from 2021 to 2028. This information is provided by Fortune Business Insights™ in its latest report entitled “Nor... Read more »

  • by admin on 05-24-2021

    At present, there are more plastic, glass and silicone milk bottles on the market. Plastic bottle It has the advantages of light weight, fall resistance and high temperature resistance, and is the largest product in the market. However, due to the use of antioxidants, colorants, plasticizers and ... Read more »

  • by admin on 05-17-2021

    We all know that in the process of baby growth, pacifier can be said to be a more common item in the baby’s growth stage, whether the baby drinks water or milk will use pacifier, Therefore, the selection of a better pacifier for the baby’s health is more important. Polypropylene is a ... Read more »

  • by admin on 12-14-2020

    When the baby at home starts to add complementary foods, parents should consider choosing a special set of baby tableware for the baby. Preparing a set of baby tableware for babies at home is beneficial to: 1. Enhance your baby’s hobby of dining Bright colors, exquisite shapes, and cartoon ... Read more »

  • by admin on 12-11-2020

    After the release of the second child, the baby products industry is a sunrise industry, and the market prospect is unlimited. With the improvement of living standards, parents’ consumption awareness of children’s eating, drinking and playing has also been significantly improved. They... Read more »

  • by admin on 12-02-2020

    The feeding bottle is the baby’s “rice bowl”, and only when the right choice is made can the baby grow up vigorously! 1. Material 1.Glass a. Features: high transparency, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, repeated boiling, safe and secure b. Suitable for newborn babies ... Read more »

  • by admin on 11-20-2020

    Let the child decide whether to eat or not, and how much to eat. From birth, human beings understand that they want to eat when they are hungry and drink when they are thirsty. If they are distracted by playing and don’t eat much, they will naturally eat next time they are hungry. Always hungry m... Read more »

  • by admin on 11-18-2020

    Pay attention to the following points when choosing a baby  bottle for your baby: 1. Choose the material. The characteristics of various materials are different, and parents can choose safe materials according to their own needs. 2. Choose a bottle with high acceptance. Not every baby can accept ... Read more »

  • by admin on 11-06-2020

    Global Market Vision has added a new report, titled as Pacifiers market. It includes the analytical data of target industries, which provides different insights to drive the businesses. For growth of the industries, it gives more focus on the ongoing trends and studies the recent developments in ... Read more »

  • How to Bottle-Feed a Baby
    by admin on 10-19-2020

    Bottle-feeding an infant is not rocket science, but it’s not necessarily easy either. Some babies take to the bottle like champs, while others require a bit more coaxing. In fact, introducing a bottle can be a process of trial and error. This seemingly simple undertaking is made exponentially mo... Read more »

  • Bling Pacifiers: Keeping Up With Fashion for Baby
    by admin on 08-29-2020

    Fashion is not only for adults. It is also for kids and babies. A parent's sense of fashion is extended not only in clothing or in the home but also in their children. We see kids wearing stylish clothing as early as one month old. This sense of style and fashion is also... Read more »

  • by admin on 08-22-2020

    Babies have a natural instinct to suck. They might suck their thumb and finger in utero. It is a natural behavior that allows them to get the nutrition that they need in order to grow. It also comforts them and helps them to calm themselves down. A soother or pacifier can help to sooth your baby... Read more »

  • by admin on 08-19-2020

    There are generally two types of nipple materials, latex and silicone. Latex has a rubber odor, yellowish color (it is reminiscent of dirty, but it is very clean), and it is not easy to disinfect. Its sales lag behind silicone nipple. 1. Latex nipple (also called rubber nipple) Advantages: ①Natur... Read more »

  • The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics
    by admin on 08-10-2015

    If you don’t know what Google Analytics is, haven’t installed it on your website, or have installed it but never look at your data, then this post is for you. While it’s hard for many to believe, there are still websites that are not using Google Analytics (or any analytics, for... Read more »

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